Welcome to My New Home

This time last year, like many other Leeds fans, I found myself spending countless hours bemoaning performances and crucifying Ken Bates, but then on New Year’s Day, things changed. ‘Blogger’ offered me an opportunity; a chance to take up my own self-righteous pedestal in cyberspace, and so the embryonic ‘Fear and Loathing in LS11’ took to life.

Ten and a half months later and with both my post count and visitor numbers far exceeding expectations, I returned to the mechanism of the Blogger theme editor in an effort to negotiate better conditions; drop down menus and a more sophisticated graphical interface is all I asked for, but they couldn’t oblige. Feeling underwhelmed by the lack of vision and ambition on offer, I’ve found myself with no option but to find pastures new, while acknowledging the deep gratitude I feel for those who supported me during my brief and happy spell there.

Now I have a new spiritual home, the plush modern layout and expansive menu choices on offer, a stark contrast to the archaic facilities of before; it’s like my very own East Stand box, except that everyone’s welcome, it’s free to experience and there’ll be no membership checks upon entry.

For those of you familiar with the old site, rest assured that the more sophisticated surroundings are unlikely to be reflected in the quality of writing or other features. To everyone else, welcome along!

As for what’s on offer? Well if you embrace match reports that often go off on tangents, regularly neglecting to touch upon anything other than the most fundamental events of the game, there may be something of interest within. If not, I can also offer occasional features that tend to dip their toes both in the waters of genuine enthusiasm and facetiousness; all sorts of moronic Photoshop creations, and even (every now and then) the odd, serious, indignant comment piece.

I recently heard a quote, I really liked; it was that “blogging is not writing. It’s just graffiti with punctuation” – if that is the case, don’t expecting to discover the new Banksy here. However, in the future, should people keep visiting in good numbers, there might just possibly be odd proper piece by far more bona fide and talented writers than I to enjoy…trust me, it might just happen!

For now though, I hope you take some time out to have a look around and that you like what you see. Any comments, feedback, constructive criticism…or outright abuse are all welcome.

Finally, I leave you with a word of warning; anyone whose sympathies continue to lie with Ken Bates, may want to look away now.


33 responses to “Welcome to My New Home

  1. Haha, good stuff.

    The site looks great by the way. We’ve used WordPress for years and it’s much better than any of the competition, I’m sure you’ll find it to your liking. MOT.

  2. No one can possible sympathise with Bates. With Warnock, the fans, the players, but not Bates! Having said that I have a real bad feeling about GFH and I think we would be better with the Yank! Lets hope that something happens soon.

  3. Good luck for writing of the Whites issues on and off the pitch. You will never be short of subjects… Tare

  4. Leeds United, what can I say that has not been said. Please, please someone come and sort out a once great club. Start by sacking Warnock, bring in someone younger, Darren Ferguson for instance.

    Ownership, go away current owner, go away this lot in Bahrain / Dubai. We need someone with money and ambition. Leeds could be great again but things must change, sooner rather than later.

  5. If Darren’s Ferguson’s dad would come and sort out Leeds I would accept it. I am sick of second best players and third rate managers. Darren Ferguson will be a good manager, one to watch, if not Darren Ferguson, Joe Jordan or Stuart Pearce or if enough money found Harry Rednapp.

    We as a club should be moving forward. We should concentrate on get back to where we were in the 70s. This means not been jealous of anyone but be proud of ourselves. If it means taking help from Manchester United connected people so be it. Johnny Giles and Gordon Strachan came from?? Enough said.

  6. Great stuff… will miss the big picture format but this looks the biz.
    On the subject of ”Warnock Out”…. Some fans want to get real and hang the only man responsible for LUFCs place in the world…
    Kenneth William Bates………….

    • The people who are criticising all of the squad need to lget a grip. Most of these players give heart and soul and are good footballers. We do not have the depth of resources to compete in the top six. We all knew that at the beginning of the season. Warnock is keeping us going. If you turn on your own side when they are desperately short and in limbo financially you are contributing to the ruination of the season. Bates is responsible and GFH are not much better. We don’t have a god given right to wealthy owners and silly money. We are Leeds, we just want to build for the future and this team with a few additions can do it. Get off their backs you morons!

  7. Warnock charged by FA. Can they get him the sack? I hope so.

    He is a red Herring!

    Say goodbye, Warnock, you are a Pasty. Or should I say Nasty. Neil Redfern temp manager whilst a Guru found.

    Take those eyebrows to stay in Cornwall.

    Leeds deserves better!

    • John Stanley you are not only a fool, but you have no emotional intellect or intelligence. NW has had his hands tied behind his back and is carrying a huge load on his shoulder because of the situation that he inherited. You are the red herring my friend and I doubt if you know what Guru actually means. Negative, nasty people like you will be the ruination of Leeds! Are you sure you are not a Man U or Millwall fan?

      • Grow up. You have little intelligence. The facts are plain to see. One, it is you that fits totally the definition of a fool. Two, it is time for straight talking and change, Three, Bluesman, could you be a closet Chelsea fan, funny name,

      • At least you have the guts to reply. I will give you credit for that but it does not change my view of your comments. Out of order, bad timing and thoughtless. See ya Red Herring, lol

      • Bluesman. Do not think everything will be rosy that Bates is relinguishing control. Do not get too excited, a lot needs to be done to restore Leeds. Sorry but NW is walking a tightrope, he must be strong and replace poor players with players who can and do perform to a standard high enough to get the club at the right end of the division. Criticism is a fact of life and business, we should all be big enough to take it when it is derserved. No wins in 7 playing absolute rubbish, the players and NW are to blame for that not Bates.

      • OK John, I have more sympathy for the bloke than you have. I thought that Grayson was sold down the river and feel that the same was happening to Warnock. Let us just hope that he can turn things around and achieve his aims this season. There is still a possibility of getting something out of this. I was also annoyed that NW had been booked!

      • Bluesman.

        Get in the real world. Sad people like you are one of the reasons for 10 years of rubbish and Leeds. The team has been shocking, last 7 matches if you can check the facts. Bates is not to blame for the on the field issues, players and manager. I will continue to lambast anyone who do not perform. So we shall see will it all be sunshine at Elland Road or will there be showers. I will of course criticise anyone who settles for second best, including you Bluesman,

      • Not sad John, just supportive of people who are in a difficult position and trying to do the best they can. Mr Bigwheels is right, it is Bates who you should be directing your anger at. Anyway, the takeover has happened. Lets see what happens from here on. God, I would not like to be in your house if Leeds get hammered at the weekend, lol!

  8. So ! Bluesman ! What your saying is that Its nothing to with NW that we have not won anything in 6 games, although its basically the same team that beat Everton in the cup. Now i now KB is bleeding us fans dry, but how has KB managed to deprive us of a win in well over a month ?

    • NW has never had a chance. He had not money to spend. Missed key players and loanees. Took people to Leeds he would not have chosen and has stuck with us. To turn on the team and the manager at this stage is ridiculous. It will not help their confidence and GFH will not come through. They don’t have the money and if they scrape the deposit together they will never sustain a team in the PL. Bates and Harvey are to blame. They let down Grayson, now Warnock. How many more. I truly feel sorry for NW and think that he should have walked out in the summer when they did not back him. Still hoping, MOT

    • Warnock is as frustrated as you, I and everyone else who wants LUFC to move forward. No momentum in life makes men do and say things they perhaps should not, make decisions, make mistakes, in fact make life difficult for themselves. We are all guilty of it but the one factor that should not be forgotten is whether what we did wrong was done with malice, devilry or predetermined thoughts. Warnock… whatever we may think or feel about him at the moment, is certainly not guilty of fitting the latter catagory, (imo). Ken Bates IS and that is why we are still in this f’ing struggle of sorry saga. Warnock will leave but not at the moment. He is certainly not eying an eighth personal achievement any longer but trying to keep some momentum within what he’s got to work on. If you and a majority want his head then, shout it out, tell him and he’ll be gone. You better have a plan though. Perhaps you’ll manage the team?. Don’t forget there’s no money. No takeover, (it’s stuck in the ‘imminent box’ at the moment). No loanees. No rising support to help the team along on home match days and the man that owns LUFC, one Kenneth William Bates is still here in charge, rockin’ and rollin’, wheelin’ and deelin’, spookin’ and speelin’…….
      Yeah …Let’s sack the manager and let Mr Bates of the hook… then he can blame everyone else just as he normally does. Great!!.

      • mrbigwheels.
        A good article. Bates has been the long term problem. He has to go. I do not like the way things are going with this lot in Bahrain / Dubai.

        I do not trust Warnock with signings. Look at the majority made thus far. Rubbish. It is easier to name the few good ones / not bad than list the bad ones. If, the big if, the takeover goes through I do not want the £8-£10 million wasted with more past it journeymen. Clint Hill is the last OAP NW is apparently after????

        Poleon recalled from loan. Good but I am surprised the deal to keep him at Bury is extended one day, then the recall clause is used the next. How silly.

        We are where we are, bring in the youth they cannot do worse than some of these journeymen. Bring in a manager who is known for playing youth. We need a second Don Revie, where can we find one?

        mrbigwheels has it right no money, wrong people in control of the boardroom but I also blame the Manager, he should apologise for the poor performances and move on, or should I say out.

      • Dear Mr Bigwheels, I concur with your thoughts on this issue entirely. I just wish that some of the other people could see through the issues as clearly and then get behind Warnock and the players. Well after months of lambasting Bates we have new owners and hopefully we can move forward, otherwise we will be lambasting them, lol.

  9. Bluesman. Bates is / was a problem. GFH could be a problem if they are in financial trouble. NW is a problem, the majority of Leeds fans admit the problems on the pitch are of NWs and the players making.

    None of us should get carried away and think the only way is up. We have a number of rubbish players, a manager who cannot admit he is ever wrong. I will not accept the last 7 matches as good enough, nor should any Leeds fans in their right mind.

  10. Agree with John Stanley’s comments, Leeds fans can’t just blame KB, ultimately the Manager has to get the best out of his squad as well as making better choices of players to come to the club. As much as i dislike Mr Bates, leeds fans must appreciate our clubs better financial situation and that IS down to KB and i for one are very reluctant to get excited about GFH if they walk in and start spending money they don’t have, Been there done that and things didn’t turn out too good i am sure you’ll all agree. MOT

  11. Let us see if we can now get the right players. I suggest we give guidance to NW, no more OAP’s get rid of the rubbish at Elland Road. Charlie Austin’s signature would be a start.

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